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We LOVED to be streamed, take us with you, by downloading one of the apps from the great streaming sites listed below!

Our Streaming Server Addresses are:

MP3 320 bit

Standard http://kathy.torontocast.com:3130/stream

Standard https: https://kathy.torontocast.com:3130/stream

Proxy Port 80 stream URL: http://kathy.torontocast.com/Badlandsclassicrock

Proxy Port 443 stream URL: https://kathy.torontocast.com/Badlandsclassicrock


MP3 64 bit

Standard http://kathy.torontocast.com:3140/stream

Standard https: https://kathy.torontocast.com:3140/stream

Proxy Port 80 stream URL: http://kathy.torontocast.com/Badlandsclassicrockmobile

Proxy Port 443 stream URL: https://kathy.torontocast.com/Badlandsclassicrockmobile


MP3 320 bit Shoutcast

Standard http://kathy.torontocast.com:4890/;?type=http&nocache=1710994119

Standard https: https://kathy.torontocast.com:4890/;?type=http&nocache=1710994119

Proxy Port 80 stream URL: http://kathy.torontocast.com/Badlandsclassicrockshout

Proxy Port 443 stream URL: https://kathy.torontocast.com/Badlandsclassicrockshout

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Who we are

Rapid City, South Dakota’s only commercial free unedited internet classic rock radio station; playing a little newer rock and mainly older rock. A fully licensed stream.

This station is part of the Deep Dive Radio Network.


Our radio is always online!

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