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The ’80s Most Outrageous Rock Fashions

todayNovember 15, 2023

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Fashion in the ’80s was nothing if not distinctive. In the same way that ducktails defined the ’50s and bell bottoms became shorthand for the ’70s, the neon-lit sartorial choices found in our list of the ’80s Most Outrageous Rock Fashions can be firmly placed in the Reagan years.
No one perhaps pushed the boundaries of couture – and taste – like David Lee Roth, especially following his 1985 departure from Van Halen. But he was far from the only superstar to rise out of the ’70s with a flamboyant makeover. Kiss, fresh from removing their familiar makeup, memorably embraced the wild rock fashion of the day. Journey took to wearing shockingly bright things; Hall and Oates, Heart, Whitesnake, Yes and Fleetwood Mac started teasing their hair; and ZZ Top famously picked up a pair of fuzzy guitars to go with their fuzzy faces.

Even ’60s-era legends like the Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton traded in their hippie garb for sleek New Wave threads.
Still, the groups that came into their own in the ’80s were naturals at developing a personal style based on body-clinging spandex, coifs with their own zip codes and the wild over-application of beauty products. Motley Crue, Poison and Twisted Sister boasted custom-made outfits and sky-high ‘dos that were just as capable of shocking you as the music they made.
So dig out your hairspray and shoulder pads, and click through the below gallery for our look back at the ’80s Most Outrageous Rock Fashions.

The ’80s Most Outrageous Rock Fashions

In the same way that ducktails defined the ’50s and bell bottoms became shorthand for the ’70s, neon-lit sartorial choices can be firmly placed in the Reagan years.

Gallery Credit: Nick DeRiso

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