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Tick prevention key to keeping your pets safe

todayJune 7, 2024 2

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ABERDEEN, S.D. (KELO) — There is a boom in tick populations thanks to the wet weather of late, according to Aberdeen veterinarian Tim Sahli, and as a pet owner, prevention is key.

“People don’t like ticks,” said Sahli. They carry diseases, of course, he noted, but said that one of the main takeaways is that people don’t want them in their houses. “Who drags them in from outside,” he asked. “Dogs.”

Cats get ticks too, said Sahli, but less often than dogs, perhaps due to where they tend to roam.

When trying to keep ticks off your pets, Sahli advises keeping them away from tall grasses, where ticks are likely to live. “Keep your lawn mowed,” he said. “Mow it short.”

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Sahli noted that he himself noticed that there seemed to be fewer ticks of his animals when he kept his lawn shorter than when he let it get a little longer.

You can also spray your lawn with flea and tick treatments, said Sahli, but the best thing you can do is take the preventative route with flea and tick medication from the vet.

As long as your animal has had the medication for more than 24 hours, any tick that bites onto them should die and fall off on its own.

Sahli recommends treating your animal for ticks in a six month window from March to September. “I’ve seen ticks as early as February,” he added.

If you have not treated your animals and you find a tick on them, Sahlie recommends not panicking. “Call your vet and get some medication,” he said.

In terms of where ticks will be found often, they can of course latch on to any part of the body, but Sahli says to especially check around the head and the ears. This area is nice and warm for the tick, and the head has a lot of blood vessels for them to target.

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