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Trump guilty verdict reveals a Democrat Party that will do almost anything to win

todayMay 31, 2024 5

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Smiling prosecutors and giddy media got what they wanted this week as former President Donald Trump was convicted on 34 counts in a patently obvious show trial overseen by an overtly conflicted corrupt judge.  But as predicted, the verdict is not just lighting a fire but spreading one – not just with the base. Among independents and moderates whose faith in American justice has now evaporated.  The Trump campaign website reportedly crashed from heavy traffic as donations flowed in, and social media filled with angry voters expressing shock and disbelief.For those closely following the trial, the injustices inflicted by the prosecutors and the judge were so transparent, it was easy to believe there must be at least one juror who would see through it. TRUMP SAYS GUILTY VERDICT IS A ‘SCAR’ ON NEW YORK JUSTICE SYSTEM, VOWS TO ‘KEEP FIGHTING’But with Judge Merchan’s prosecution-friendly jury instructions, the 12 jurors could basically find Trump guilty based on vibes.  Merchan told them they could make decisions without proof.  He advised the jurors that one could infer it had been raining by seeing a wet umbrella, even if they didn’t actually see the rain themselves.  In other words, if you think Trump seems like a criminal, you don’t have to have proof.And they didn’t.  The problem for Democrats is that the jury instructions – and a host of other due process challenges with the trial – are easy for the public to see and understand.  It was a blatant effort to steer the outcome in favor of the Democrat prosecutors.IN TRUMP TRIAL THERE WAS NO REAL CRIME BUT AMERICA JUST LOST SOMETHING IT CAN NEVER GET BACKJust as their efforts to snooker the public on the state of the economy are failing, their efforts to gaslight them on the merits of this verdict will fail. Even for people who don’t have a strong affinity for Trump, there remains a strong penchant for a fair justice system.It is plain to see what the Democrats were willing to sacrifice in order to win this election, leaving voters to rightly wonder – is there anything they wouldn’t do to win?In the face of this verdict, Democrats can expect voters to be more open to what were previously considered conspiracy theories. Democrats have not only undermined faith in the justice system, but in their own narratives. It’s no longer just MAGA they must contend with. They may just have awakened and motivated America’s sleeping giant.Voters no longer need to agree with Trump to support him. They need only agree that America should have a fair system of justice.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE FOX NEWS OPINIONAmericans had better pay attention because the reelection of Donald Trump is now, more than ever, an existential threat to the Democratic Party.  There is no telling how low they might stoop to prevent what is coming.The Democrats may be giddy now after years of trying to find something, anything to pin on Donald Trump.  Yet, the desperation to “get Trump” will be the Democrats’ ultimate downfall.Prosecuting a former president, the current leader in the 2024 presidential race, on supposed paperwork violations is hardly going to convince the masses Trump is the evil, nefarious one they have been trying with desperation to politically defeat since 2015.  The Democrats look vindictive, partisan, and power hungry at all costs.Nobody can articulate with specificity what Donald Trump did to justify prosecution in a state rampant with crime, homelessness, attacks on innocents, illegal immigration overflow, and countless other issues.  Ultimately, this “lawfare” to take down a political opponent will fall on the Democrats and lead to further division in our country. Hardly what Joe Biden campaigned for in 2020.Truly independent voters, ones who were legitimately undecided, were given the strongest evidence yet that Democrats want power more than justice.CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM JASON CHAFFETZ

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