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CNN’s Jake Tapper, who called Trump’s presidency a ‘nightmare,’ tapped to moderate presidential debate

todayMay 16, 2024 1

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CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who in recent years has become one of the most prominent anti-Trump voices in the liberal media, was selected to moderate CNN’s Presidential Debate between the former president and President Biden.It was announced Wednesday that Tapper will co-moderate the debate with CNN colleague Dana Bash on June 27 in Atlanta after both candidates agreed to the terms.But Tapper’s hostile coverage of Trump and Republicans will perhaps offer a preview of what Trump should expect going into the key political showdown.TRUMP ACCEPTS BIDEN OFFER TO DEBATE HIM IN JUNE AND SEPTEMBERTapper spearheaded CNN’s Russiagate coverage that dominated the early years of Trump’s presidency. On January 10, 2017, just ten days before Trump’s inauguration, Tapper co-authored a blockbuster report about the existence of the now-infamous Steele dossier and spent several months legitimizing its claims. Even after the release of the Mueller report that failed to find evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, Tapper suggested Trump sounded like “the spokesman for the Kremlin” over comments Trump made about his May 2019 conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Throughout the 2020 presidential election, Tapper became more vocal about his animus towards the then-president. In March 2020, in the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic, he said Trump “continues to lie to the American people” about COVID testing at the time. The following month, Tapper retweeted a post from anti-Trump critic George Conway calling Trump “100% insane.”CNN’S JAKE TAPPER SAYS DURHAM REPORT IS ‘DEVASTATING’ FOR FBI AFTER SPENDING YEARS LEGITIMIZING RUSSIAGATE In October 2020, Tapper shamed Trump after he was diagnosed and hospitalized for COVID. “Make no mistake, this was not just reckless behavior, this was a demonstration of a wanton disregard for human life. President Trump, now in quarantine, has become a symbol of his own failures,” Tapper told CNN viewers. Weeks later, after Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election, Tapper declared “for tens of millions of our fellow Americans: their long national nightmare is over.””It’s been a time of extreme divisions, many of the divisions caused and exacerbated by President Trump himself,” Tapper said in an impassioned monologue. “It’s been a time of several significant and utterly avoidable failures, most tragically, of course, the unwillingness to respect facts and science and do everything that could be done to save lives during a pandemic. It has been a time where truth and fact where truth and fact were treated with distain,” he continued. “It was a time of cruelty where official inhumanities such as child separation became the official shameful policy of the United States. But now the Trump presidency is coming to an end.”Tapper maintained his animosity towards Trump and his supporters long after the 45th president left office. For several months, Tapper banned GOP lawmakers who challenged the results of the 2020 election who he deemed “election liars” from appearing on his programs despite having written a book titled “Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency” about George W. Bush’s election victory in 2000 and routinely inviting Democrats who didn’t accept Trump’s 2016 victory and, other prominent election deniers like former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, onto his show. TRUMP HITS BACK AT JAKE TAPPER AFTER HE DEMANDED THAT CNN CUT FOOTAGE OF ENTHUSED TRUMP SUPPORTERSHe even questioned the patriotism of Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., an army veteran who lost both legs in 2010 after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan, after Mast voted against Trump’s 2021 impeachment.”Congressman Brian Mast, a Republican from Florida — who lost his legs, by the way, fighting for democracy abroad, although I don’t know … about his commitment to it here in the United States,” Tapper told a panel.  Tapper continued to rail against Trump and Republicans during his brief 2022 stint in primetime, blasting his “unhinged lies” and his “refusal to accept reality… this anti-democracy insanity.” He plugged the Jan. 6 Committee’s final hearing as “one last chance to try to convince rational Americans about the dangers of the anti-democracy movement.”In December, the liberal CNN anchor declared that “the dehumanizing rhetoric of Adolf Hitler is once again alive and well” while condemning Trump’s comments about illegal immigrants “poisoning the blood of our country.”CNN’S JAKE TAPPER INSISTS HE WON’T ‘SHY AWAY’ FROM COVERING HUNTER BIDEN AFTER AVOIDING LAPTOP SCANDAL IN 2020Meanwhile, Tapper has been far gentler towards Biden and Democrats. In Oct. 2020, he joined the media chorus in avoiding the bombshell revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop, saying “the rightwing is going crazy with all sorts of allegations about [then-candidate] Biden and his family, too disgusting to even repeat here.” In 2022, Tapper conducted a softball interview with Biden, which made so little news that it received virtually zero coverage on the five Sunday shows that weekend. He had one question pertaining to Hunter Biden’s legal woes amid reports that criminal charges against him by the DOJ were imminent, asking the president “Personally and politically, how do you react to that?” without any followups. Last year, Tapper chalked up the Biden family’s foreign money transactions uncovered by House Republicans as being “sleazy” but not criminal during a combative exchange with House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky.Biden wasn’t the only Democrat that Tapper handled with kid gloves. In 2020, Tapper admitted he didn’t fact check a false claim made by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., during an interview with her. In 2021, Tapper bizarrely would avoid covering the various scandals plaguing then New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on his CNN program but would retweet messages about them online. There was even an instance where Tapper tried to privately convince Republican Sean Parnell not to run against then incumbent Democrat Rep. Conor Lamb for his House seat during the 2020 election cycle.Tapper’s co-moderator Dana Bash has also been hostile towards Trump and conservatives. In 2022, Bash defended Biden’s “semi-fascism” jab against Republicans, insisting he was “specifically talking about Trump supporters,” which represents tens of millions of Americans. Earlier this year, she invoked Nazi Germany while condemning Trump’s comments slamming Jewish voters who back Democrats, calling them “antisemitic and incredibly dangerous.” CNN did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment. Also announced on Wednesday was a second debate to be hosted by ABC on September 10, which will be moderated by anchors David Muir and Linsey Davis. 

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