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Forgotten Frontmen: 27 Lead Singers Fans Don’t Remember

todayMay 15, 2024 6

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As the focal point of most bands’ performances, lead singers naturally tend to hog the spotlight. Still, there’s no guarantee that every frontman is memorable.Lineup changes seem to be inevitable. Friends grow apart, the chemistry isn’t right, musicians leave for greener pastures, or fall victim to the classic “musical differences” excuse.Below, we’ve highlighted 27 singers who you might have forgotten once fronted famous bands. In some cases, these vocalists arrived early in a group’s timeline, before fame and riches. In others, the vocalist had to replace an already successful predecessor.This can be a daunting task considering the higher stakes and egos. For example, Jeff Scott Soto was thrust into the spotlight in 2006 as frontman for Journey. He not only had to deal with the group’s rugged touring expectations, but also with the lasting legacy of Steve Perry.“It’s a totally different situation when you have like, say, Queen for instance,” Soto explained in 2019. “You know there’s no chance of Freddie Mercury coming back. When Steve Perry is just sitting in his backyard sipping on some Kool-Aid, and you’re onstage trying to pull his shit off … I had to deal with a lot of that.”Bekka Bramlett likewise felt the pressure when filling the void in Fleetwood Mac left by the departure of Stevie Nicks. “I didn’t want to wear a top hat. I didn’t want to twirl around,” she later told Rolling Stone. “I wanted to be me.”Whether their tenure lasted for a brief period or spanned several years, these 27 lead singers will always be part of their famous bands’ histories – even if fans always don’t remember them.Forgotten FrontmenThey will always be part of these famous bands’ histories, even if fans always don’t remember them.Gallery Credit: Corey IrwinThe Rock Supergroups You Totally Forgot

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